April 6, 2013

in a jam

My Dad is a big fan of Old Time music - a genre you may have never even heard of. Its a type of music common in Appalachia with roots in the British Isles that sounds a lot like bluegrass to the average person (like me) who doesn't know better. He and Mom go to lots of festivals and workshops, and one of Dad's favorite things to do is go to "jams" - which are just informal groups of people getting together to play music. He even occasionally hosts what have become known as "jimjams" at their cabin at the lake when the weather is warm. Dad's birthday was a couple weeks ago, so my sisters and Mom put together a surprise jam for him. They were going to a concert in Romney, WV Saturday evening, so they spread word to come meet at the community hall of a church nearby to jam for a few hours beforehand. When Dad got there, my sister Jayne texted so that everyone could start singing Happy Birthday. As Dad was walking in, he heard it, so he waited at the entrance because he didn't want to interrupt someones party! We were all sure Dad had clued into something going on by that point, but apparently he really had no idea. He said no one had ever had a party for him before. Since I couldn't make it there, I was really glad that one of their friends, Michael Hobert, sent these pics from the party. He was nice enough to let me share them here. When I talked to Dad on his birthday (a couple days after the party) it sounded like he had a really good time. Definitely looks like it. Happy Birthday, Dad!

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