February 21, 2013

soaking it in

Its almost that time of year again... Tuesday was our first pre-season LA Galaxy game at Home Depot Center this year. We played Xolos de Tijuana (which also shares its fan base with San Diego). Like it always seems to do near the beginning of every season, it was drenched. My friend Alan had cancelled out of going because of the rain, and honestly, I'm glad he did. He went with me to the home opener with the ACB a couple years ago when it was an absolute monsoon - and was such a trooper that I never even knew he was miserable til months later. The rain stayed off for a while, and for a weekday game, there was a great crew from the ACB, though inside the stadium Galaxy fans were probably outnumbered 10 to 1. That's often the case when we play teams from CONCACAF and Mexican Association Leagues, and it can lead to some heightened emotions in the stands. I used to wonder if that came from some subtle level of racism, though I think its really just frustration or indignation at being outnumbered in your own home. The crew held it together and plenty stuck it out even after the skies completely opened up. The team did their part as well, pulling through to a 6-2 win. Admittedly, its a lot easier to weather the storm when your team is winning; but rain or shine, win or lose, it was good to be home again.

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