February 22, 2013


Another recent graphics package posted to the website: The graphics package for "Infamous 911 Calls" was completed in December and aired on E! a couple weeks ago. I've been lucky to work with E! a lot since they rebranded last year with a great new look, and this package was to conform to their clean 'black, white and a pop of color" theme, but have more gravity and be a bit more darker (in tone, not color) than a lot of their look. Working from style frames designed by John Northway that reflected the nature of emergency calls emanating across geographic locations, I worked with E! to develop and animate a package of over 40 interchangeable elements, covering everything from transitions to transcript formats to segment opens. The show open was based on clips from 911 calls featured in the show, designed to escalate in an increasingly frenetic nature before leveling out into the resolve. Constant visual elements throughout the package are the circular rings, geographic map-like textures, and square tiled transitional patterns inspired by digital signals to add to the urgent frenetic nature of the elements when in transition on or off the screen. You can check out a reel of the open and some of the completed package elements here:
  • Infamous 911 Calls graphics package
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