January 28, 2013

good sports

Sports and bad design usually go hand in hand. I don't know if its an American thing of dumbing down for the masses, but finding good design in sports logos or merchandise is pretty difficult. It can get pretty annoying for a sports fan. So I was thrilled the other day when I stumbled across the website for the Art of Sport store. Its a project by two designers, John Paul Stallard, and Rob Duncan (of Dowling Duncan, whose work I've always been a huge fan of.) Their goal is to, as they put it, "bring a modern design aesthetic to your favorite team, while subtly incorporating team history, colours, names, and mythology." As a supporter of American Soccer, the only disappointing thing (for me) is that right now all but one of their limited edition prints are for EPL teams. The two are rival fans of Arsenal and Liverpool, but since they're in San Francisco, I asked if they had any plans to do MLS teams. They said, "They're on the list, but no plans yet." We can only hope.
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