January 24, 2013

girlfriend in a coma

73. Seventy-three. Thats how many blog posts I managed last year. That's not very good. Though its not much worse than the 100 from the year before. When I first started the blog in 2005, I never expected it to become and almost-daily thing, but it evolved into that and much more of a personal journal with work updates mixed in. Then came Facebook and Twitter and all kinds of other ways to instantly share thoughts or cool stuff or whatever - in much faster, easier and connected ways. And the poor blog became a neglected girlfriend (in a coma). I keep trying to bring it back to life and then I neglect it again. "I wish I knew how to quit you." But there's too much history buried in these posts. So time to give it some attention again. A big reason for that is that for the last several weeks, I've been spending a lot of time building a new website which (fingers crossed) should be ready within a few weeks. (that's also why you may have noticed the new facebook business page pop up.) The blog was always intended to be an extension of my site - though I never could merge the two into one site. If all goes well, the new site will do that. (Thats one of the big questionable last remaining pieces. There are over 1600 posts to deal with. Hold me.) And even if not, it will remain linked the way it is now, with an updated look. I said a long time ago I'd stop apologizing for the breaks that would happen between posts, so no apologies. But let's see if we can bring it back. I know, its serious.

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