October 14, 2012

beach bikin for beerz

Over the past few years it has become a tradition to do a bit of a makeshift pub crawl on bikes along the beaches of Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan for my birthday. Yesterday was the 2012 edition, and this years was a bit more unplanned because it kept falling through the cracks during a busy week. It came down to just a facebook post the day before with a basic schedule; no formal invites or websites like other years. That made for a smaller group of good friends who knew the drill and were all laid back about what and where and just along for the ride and the fun. It was a perfect "summer" day out, and friends joined and left along the way as we hit a couple of my favorite gastropubs as well as a few dive bars. Including the brunch to start, pizza to end, and the games of foosball and buck hunter in between, it ended up being a good 9 or 10 hour marathon of fun and a pretty perfect day for me. Thanks to everyone who came out to share it and help make it such a fun time.

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