October 17, 2012

a day in the park

Here's a gallery of slices from some recent days at Disneyland. I think I've mentioned before that I gave in last year and succumbed to the annual pass. Luckily, I have some friends that go a lot, so it makes it easy just to tag along with them when I have a free day. It also completely changes the tone of going - its no longer important to be there until closing, or to get lots of things in during your visit in order to get your money's worth or to make the trip worth the trouble of going. If the line for a ride is too long, no big deal - we'll do that another time. If its hot, we'll venture to one of several favorite spots to get a cocktail. If someone wants to do something specific, most everyone always shrugs and says "sure." Just another day in the park.

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