September 13, 2012

mais oui

So my journey has finally led me to my final stop: Paris. After only a few minutes back in Paris, I always get that Carrie Bradshaw feeling and remember why its easily my favorite city in the world. I'm sure it helps that I took French in school, so have enough basic language skills to be comfortable here (though trust me, its still pretty rough!) - and maybe that has helped me to not run into the stereotypical attitude others have said they find here. I don't know, but I've just never found it. But I am always impressed by the levels upon levels of beauty here - like the rooftops and chimneys from my apartment: omnipresent and seemingly endless. What I love best is that you can walk out your door with no plan and walk in any direction and you will see interesting and amazing things. As usual, I have no plan here. The first day was mostly just wanderings and the usual errands like grocery and yes, another haircut. Perhaps a football match on Friday? We will see. It almost doesn't matter. I could sit here in the apartment gazing out at the rooftops and listening to the constant sound of the scooters below and just be happy.

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