September 7, 2012

ich bin

I'm in Berlin now. Its cold and cloudy here. Quite a drastic change from the hot sunny weather in Spain. Since I've been here a few times, this visit is a lot less about seeing any sights, but more about catching up with friends (and things like getting a haircut and doing laundry!) This is another stop based around an event, not because I actually enjoy the event weekend specifically, but more because so many friends from all over Europe are here at the same time that I knew if I wasn't here, I'd feel like I was missing them. So it means a weekend of reconnecting and hanging out with friends, and a weekend of no or low expectations (which often ends up being a fun time for me). Its already been that so far, and I've gotten to see a lot more friends that I expected even in just the day or so that I've been here. Hopefully the next few days continue that way.

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