August 22, 2012

change of scenery

I've moved from Munich to Manchester since my last posting. For those that missed it on Twitter or Facebook, after spending the last day in Munich (one of their hottest) at the Englischer Garten with friends, I took an unintended (and slightly scary) dip in the Isar River around Midnight. Luckily the worst damage came to my iPhone and camera and not to myself - except for my pride. The whole night was a bit surreal, especially taking the subway home dripping wet and then having the sky open up in thunderstorms about two blocks from my apartment. The whole story is far too much to explain or tell on here - some of you may be lucky enough to get all the details out of me in person. Manchester seems great, but I've allowed myself to spend too much time in my apartment booking the next stages of the trip. I'll just post this now so I can get myself out into it.


Jim said...

I have my own stories to tell about dipping into the River Isar. Those were the days. If there's one thing I truly miss about living in Munich, it's the Englischer Garten. I also have stories about dipping into the Eisbach, the brook that runs through the Englischer Garten. I see that you took a photo of the Eisbach too.

Unknown said...

oh - maybe it wasn't the Isar and it was the Eisbach? I couldn't see it so obviously I don't know! (its whatever they surf on...)