July 30, 2012

slices of london

I promised that I'd show some of what I've been working on here at the Olympics once the broadcasts started. There isn't any easy way to show too much, but I'll likely follow up with videos after the Games end and there's more time (uh, we're a little busy). Everything is designed to tie into the overall main look by Lead Designer Dave Barton and Art Director John Schleef, so even pieces that are my design use elements created by others. These are a few frames of some "corner rejoins" (coming back from a commercial) and a "tease package" (edited pieces within a broadcast) I've designed. You may see these mixed in among the bajillion other elements of the graphics package. If pattern holds true from previous Olympics, chances are these may breed their way into other elements at the Games continue. I'll post more along the way if I can.

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Unknown said...

Nice slicing, Sir Jon.