July 13, 2012

the prince & the peas

I procrastinated my way out of getting myself out of the studio very early yesterday. Watching the rain on the skylight didn't help urge me out there, but I finally ventured out to The Black Prince, a nearby pub that had a lot of good comments on foursquare. I credit it with beginning to turn around my view of London. It was stereotypically warm and cozy the minute I walked in. The barkeep was incredibly friendly and not the least put off by my not knowing what beer to get. He suggested the Doombar. Score. I told him I was hesitant to go for the fish and chips, thinking it would be a little trite or touristy, but he said it was the right thing to do. Again, he was right. They were better than any I've ever had before, even in London. I've always detested peas - but even they were unlike any I've had. I can't say I ever expected to be writing a post about peas, but they were that good. Anyway, It was the beginning of a night out that ended up being pretty fun. Today I'm suffering from the jet lag, which has hit me pretty hard. I should have expected it since it always happens on the second day for me. The worst part is probably that I chastise myself for wasting a day because of it instead of just accepting it, but right now I feel like I got run over by a mack truck. I can be great at being my own worst enemy. But not to worry, its time to rally.

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