July 26, 2012

parking metres

Now that we knew we could get into the IBC from the Olympic Park, my co-worker Victor and I decided yesterday to try taking the tube to work instead of our usual shuttle bus. They were doing the dress rehearsal for Opening Ceremonies that evening (including the audience), so it sort of served as a soft opening of the park. It made for an exciting energy as people were clearly excited to be there. It's a good walk the entire length of the park from the tube stop to the IBC, but still pretty easy, and a good chance to see everything in daylight and grab some peeks to pass on to you. Here are some views of the park and venues you'll probably be seeing a lot of over the next few weeks. Since we did the Beijing Olympics from New York, this is the first Olympics I've done with a large centralized park that houses many venues. It really does create a different sense of being there that's fun to experience, even if only just during the walk to work.

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