July 24, 2012

night moves

Working the night shift, we're finding its around 3am that we start to hit a wall and feel a little fried, so we've been trying to take a break for a walk around then. Last night we wandered out to a side of the IBC none of us had been, only to discover the entire Olympic Park was open to us. The IBC is such a fortress of security to get into that I had assumed the entire complex was walled in and we couldn't yet get out to any of that. It was pretty cool to see everything coming together, especially with everything lit up but nearly empty. It looks like it should be a pretty exciting complex to be in come the start of the Games. I suspect it will feel very different then, so it was exciting to envision how it will be then, but nice to soak in the peace of it all while empty at night.

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Jan Stevens said...

You're in London?!!! YAY!