July 18, 2012

first daze

Well "moving into work mode" ended up hitting me like a freight train. It didn't help that my first day was compounded by being sick with something. At the time I thought it was some kind of delayed jet lag, so I spent the day trying to keep my best poker face on, but by the end of the shift, I was literally just holding myself up the best I could. Luckily, it passed; but its still been full busy days of just work, sleep, work, sleep. There's plenty to tell, but not much time to write it, so I'll go ahead and post a few peeks into our world. As usual, NBC takes up about half of the International Broadcast Center (though I'm told our space is smaller than past Olympics.) Its an impressive and huge operation that includes all the phases of tv production, as well as things like a medical office and commissary. We're near (maybe in?) the Olympic Park, but very much cut off from everything, so with long never-on-schedule bus rides between there and our hotel, our world is mostly just these sheet-rock walls. I work a 9a-9p shift this week and will slide this weekend to a 9p-9a shift for the rest of the duration. And yeah, we're busy. Hopefully that helps explain the lack of updates. As the schedule starts to become routine, I'll hopefully be able to be better about their frequency. But thats it for now, sleep is calling.

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