July 21, 2012

bridging the gap

Pubs in London close at 11 or Midnight generally, so the other night I did a little online research to find a Midnight pub close to the hotel and forced myself to go once we got back from work, knowing it would be probably be my last chance while in London. I trekked across the Tower Bridge and walked past one pub, thinking it would be too touristy given the location. But the pub I intended to go to actually seemed too busy with no space at the bar, so I opted back to the first. With almost an hour to go before closing, it was a nice chance to have a couple beers and chat with another incredibly friendly bartender, and meet some friendly patrons who had clearly had quite a few more than I. It was a short quick stint out of the work/sleep/work/sleep bubble and I'm glad I made myself do it. We're in the midst of changing shifts now. We worked a 2p-2a shift today as a transition to the 9p-9a shift I'll be on for the rest of the Olympics. It gives us a few extra hours more than the usual gap between shifts, so maybe I'll finally find a barber for a much-needed haircut or get out and about some, but I also know not to push it too much, so we'll see.

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