July 28, 2012

bangup job

I debated whether I might be asking for trouble taking the tube and the walk through Olympic Park again instead of our shuttle bus on the day of Opening Ceremony, but it turned out to be a piece of cake. I tried to watch for my friend Andrew who was in the ceremonies and passed by about 500 guys dressed in his costume, but never spotted him. Once again, the buzz in the air through the park was electric and exciting just to pass through. We were able to watch the feed of the ceremonies while working, and once it seemed the torch was about to be lit, I decided I should run outside assuming there might be fireworks. It was a good hunch. I've seen a lot of fireworks shows before, but I've never seen anything as massive as that. It was intense. London has made a much more impressive start to their Games than I expected. It feels like London is proud. They should be.

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