March 4, 2012

silence is golden

As always, sorry for the blog silence. Its been one of those weeks when so much work is at a critical mass stage that I just haven't had time for anything else. This post is not a complaint about it - not at all. Just a glimpse or explanation. I so often get snarky comments about "gee, it must be nice to work from home." Yes, it is. But its a double edged sword. You also never leave work. Pretty much every day for the last week, I would wake up and sit down at the computer and pretty much be there 'til bedtime (which for me is often when the sun starts to come up.) When I travel, I always have to be "connected" and chances are, I'll spend a few days on a trip sitting in a hotel room and working. I'm fine with that. For me, the freedom of being able to travel at all and generally set my own schedule is worth it. Those busy days get countered by slow periods when I have a few days to do my own thing or run off to Disneyland on a weekday. To me, it all evens out. And on a day like today when its 85 and sunny on a Sunday, sure it kinda sucks that I have to spend the day working, but at least I can have the door open and feel the ocean breeze.