February 15, 2012

revisiting: saarinen

As often happens, I'm at a loss for something new to post. Occasionally I've jumped back into the archives to revisit old posts when that happens. Since the blog seems to have a much higher readership now then a few years ago, and in an effort to keep updates regular, I'm going to start diving into the archives more often.

Construction began on the Gateway Arch in St. Louis 45 years ago this week. Five years ago today, that, combined with the fact that I had been in St Louis for the World Series a few months before, led me to write a post about one of my favorite architects, Eero Saarinen. Along with the arch, Saarinen also designed Dulles Airport in Virginia, and one of my favorites: the TWA terminal at JFK airport. He also has two stunning works on the MIT Campus in Boston that I featured in the post below from 2010. You can read the full original posts here:
  • observed 2.15.07: terminal
  • observed 8.9.10: great spaces

  • update: for the record, I never forgot that the St Louis Arch was designed by Eero Saarinen (a RT on Twitter linking to this blog post was innocently but incorrectly attributed to me)

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