February 24, 2012


A couple weeks ago, a client working on a new show called and asked if I could put together a reel of some of my work that might be appropriate for the project. The show revolves around style-based topics, but the network the show is for still relies on the overly shiny/beveled style of on-air graphics, so I tried to focus on work that has a little more 'shine' or gloss than I would often use. I doubt I'll get that job, but I appreciated that instead of being asked for spec work, which I won't do, I was able to give them something that I could also use for my own self-promotion. I'm calling it my "gloss" update - it isn't a new official reel, but more of an update or addendum to the existing reel (which hasn't been updated since 2008 - still on the to do list). I gave a sneak preview via Twitter a couple days ago, which also was helpful in that it led me to go back to it a few more times and make some slight changes before posting it officially to the site. Its now officially posted, check it out on my recent work page:
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