February 13, 2012


My favorite thing to see in Las Vegas is free. Now I'm no expert on Vegas, so any recommendation I make should be treated with the knowledge that there are probably a million things I've never seen or done there. That said, easily my favorite thing there is the Fountains at Bellagio. As many times as I've been, I've never gotten tired of them; I could sit and watch them all night. I could post videos, but that wouldn't do it justice, because the experience can't be captured in a camera. Bellagio's fountains are a massive water show choreographed to light and music. I'm surprised how few people know that there isn't just one show (wikipedia lists 32 songs, though I don't know how complete their list is.) I was really glad when I took my pal Curt to see them for the first time and the show happened to be the one set to "Con Te PartirĂ²," easily my favorite of the ones that I have seen. Find a spot close to the speakers embedded in the lightposts and railings, especially if during a crowded time. The fountains run on the half hour starting at 3pm on weekdays and starting at Noon on weekends and holidays. From 7pm to Midnight, the shows are on the quarter hour. (The last show is actually at 11:55pm. Fountains are also scheduled to run every 15 minutes from 11a-2:30p on Sundays during the Bellagio's "Fountains Brunch".) If you haven't seen them, make a point to when in Vegas, and stick around for a few shows - some are far better than others. You don't be disappointed.

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Jim said...

We still catch a fountain show or two every time we're on the Strip. We love the fountains and never get tired of watching it. And we live here! Locals loath going to the Strip. We actually enjoy it a lot. It's a fun place if you know where to go. And you can't beat the people watching aspect of it. Tops any of the stupid reality shows on TV out there.

It would have been great to meet you and maybe show you some of the other sights. There's more to this town than just the Strip. Maybe next time?