January 3, 2012


I'm back in Mississippi for a couple days to visit with my friend Stephen (and eat as many poboys, oysters, and fried tomatoes as I can before going back to California.) I've gotten to see more of his work this time, including visits yesterday and tomorrow to projects under construction. Other than that, we've just been roaming around the Gulf Coast in between taking care of work stuff I have going on: basically laid-back decompression days after the holidays. (Of course work always goes where I do no matter what; just the way it works, and no complaints about that.) That all leaves not a lot to say or show, but here are some bits from the last couple days.

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Trisha said...

Um...yes...I would like 1000 PC puzzles out of pictures 1, 2, 4 & 5. Picture 3 is awesome...however, as a puzzle it would drive me bat-$h!t crazy :-)