January 25, 2012


I'm spending the week in Vegas. It really hasn't been that much of a play visit, but even just being here is a good change of scenery. I'm visiting my friend Curt, who is here for a conference ("Concrete World!" No really, I'm not making that up.) Most of his time is wrapped up in conference activities and events, while I have plenty of work keeping me in the hotel room most of the time. Luckily nothing shuts down in Vegas, so at least its easy for us to get late dinners or shows or even just wandering the strip and casinos when we both manage to be free. I think for anyone in a creative industry, Vegas is a jackpot of visual stimuli. You can't help but love being immersed in the neverending sights and sounds. It's a theme park for the senses and absolute kitsch taken to the utmost extreme. What's not to love?

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