January 6, 2012


As I mentioned in the last post, one thing I did get to do during this trip to Mississippi was see a lot of my friend Stephen's work. We often check out architecture by others, but I hadn't seen much of his except in photos. This week, he took me to see a few of his completed projects as well as some buildings under construction that he needed to check on anyway. If you've followed the blog, you know architecture has always been something I get a lot out of. I had always thought about becoming an architect when I was a kid, but decided against it after hating having to deal with rulers and triangles in some high school math or art class. Little did I know that as a graphic design student, I'd be spending my years in college with exacto pens and t-squares and rulers anyway. I'm still endlessly fascinated with the idea of bringing design to full dimension (I independent studied in this as well in school, but more in the sense of designing museums or theme parks), so its fun for me to have the chance to pick his brain and hear about the details of projects. Its also interesting how many similarities we have in dealing with clients or challenges in the process of our work. The biggest difference is how much "in stone" (no pun intended) his work is once construction begins, where my projects are constantly changing up until delivery, and frankly sometimes even still after that. Either way, its always cool to share stories and have some understanding and compassion of the process in the middle of projects, and after seeing these I'll understand his even more.

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