July 6, 2011

fourthing, part 2

A big dilemma this year was balancing the traditional day at the beach on the 4th with joining the Angel City Brigade for the 4th of July Galaxy game, a big deal because of the all-day tailgate, fireworks, and tifo display. The answer came when my pal Alan volunteered to be the designated driver, picking us up from the beach half of the day and joining us for the Galaxy half. The tailgate was probably twice the size as normal, but somehow seemed to be over in minutes (kickstands and all!) The game seemed to be missing some energy and not firing on all pistons. Even our new black uniforms (MLS has succumbed to the sports merchandising trend of having third and fourth kits) seemed to disappear into the field (perhaps because of Seattle's day-glo green kits? srsly?!) It could just be that all of those were just symptoms of a very long day with a lot crammed in. The fireworks felt more like a lullaby by the time they lit up the sky over the stadium after the game. Definitely one very full fourth.

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