June 23, 2011

two fronts

I've posted a couple recent projects to my website. This first is a graphics package for the recent Discovery Channel series called "Wild Animal Repo." The show is a wildlife series produced by the Jay & Tony Show where exotic and endangered animals are rescued from unfit owners & environments. The open ended up being based on a titletool graphic the network wanted replicated, with the addition of the claw scratch & frenetic elements to enhance a sense of danger. A different direction for this package was originally approved for this and I'm debating whether or not it would be okay to show that - perhaps I will post it in the next few days, along with the original graphic that led to the abrupt change to this direction. The second project is for a new TLC series called "Surprise Homecoming." The show is hosted by Billy Ray Cyrus and features military members surprising loved ones with unexpected returns from service overseas. The open for the show was to highlight Billy Ray Cyrus singing his new song 'Runway Lights,' along with clips of homecomings from the series. For the open and look, the network wanted to reference Americana but not go overboard in that direction, as well as to stay on the warm emotional side and not veer into technical or militaristic references. A home movie like treatment became the signature footage style mixed with warm light leak effects. These combine with closeups of American flag fabric to give a tactile, accessible feel. "Surprise Homecoming" premiered Memorial Day weekend, and remaining episodes begin in July. You can check out both projects on my recent work page here:
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