June 5, 2011

hearts of blue, white & gold

Friday was another great night with the Angel City Brigade at the LA Galaxy game. Every game I meet more folks at the pregame tailgate and post-game hangouts afterward, and it just makes the experience more and more fun. The ACB prides itself on being welcoming and friendly, and it really has turned out to be the case (so if you've ever been hesitant about hanging with us, go for it.) Its a crazy cast of all types of characters, but the way everyone comes together is pretty remarkable. Its non-stop standing and chanting like you'd expect to find in a playoff or championship game for another sport, but its that way for every game: win or lose, good game or crappy game. And unlike other sports, the interaction with people next to you isn't limited just to just a high-five when your team scores. The game coulda been a lot better, but we ended with a draw, which at least keeps LA well on top of the rankings. Easily the best spot during the night was one of the guys breaking out a sax unexpectedly and launching into a rendition of "One Step Beyond" that sent everyone into a frenzy. We only have one more home game before a long away stretch. The idea of making an away game trip is getting enticing.

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