May 28, 2011

rut roh

I'm on my Memorial Day Weekend ritual road trip. I flew to Dallas on Thursday and roadtripped with my pal Myron (and his dog Earnest) yesterday up to Oklahoma City for the Great Plains Regional Rodeo. I think this is my 16th year making the trip. We took a little detour this year to discover the village of Muenster, Texas - a little town in the middle of nowhere with a bit of a German theme going on, it made for a fun (and tasty) stop. We ventured on and made another stop that has become tradition - the Fried Pies place at exit 51 in Oklahoma. I still think they're the best fried pies I've had anywhere. Then finally we made it into Oklahoma City and went out for a few beers and run-ins with old friends later that night to kick off the rodeo. Before coming I was starting to think this trip was becoming a bit of a rut; now I think I'm glad I'm in it.

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