May 23, 2011

our house

If you're sick of all the soccer game posts, you can take heart in the news that there is a big break coming soon in home games. But first you have to deal with a couple more posts about em. Saturday was the SuperClasico - a first for me, and something hard to even explain. ChivasUSA is another team that also plays at the Home Depot Center (we call em the renters) and that feeds into a rivalry with the LA Galaxy that I can't come up with an equivalent to. (Maybe imagine the Cubs and Sox playing in the same stadium? And yes, chivas means goats. Really.) The strangest thing about it is that we were the "away" team, meaning we were watching others in our normal seats or tailgate sections; someone else was in our home even though we were still allowed in. It felt weird. Years past have apparently not been the most friendly of rivalries, we had lots of warnings and safety tips to be aware of, and it really made you wonder what to expect. Luckily, as far as I know, it has at least moved to a respectful rivalry and none of those warnings were necessary. But also because of that, the SuperClasico is also the rare time when Angel City Brigade and the LA Riot Squad (the other Galaxy Supporters Group) join forces and tailgate together, march into the stadium together (escorted), and sit together inside. The game was a blast. LA won. One of my favorite players scored and continued to grow into his role on the team. And the team cemented 3 more points in the standings. But best of all, despite just being a small corner of the stadium, our impact was loud and unavoidable. Being a part of the Brigade has turned out to be far more fun and addicting that I ever expected. It's the fan experience I always hoped for in following different sports teams, but only could find in playoff and championship games, but with an added sense of family. That means the connection doesn't end when the game does. I finally found it. I love my ACB.


langolier said...

Wow!! Look at that guy's ring finger in the 2nd photo!

Unknown said...

lol, maybe he got in a fight with a Chivas fan!