April 3, 2011

home game

Up until a few hours before the LA Galaxy game on Saturday, it looked like I was going by myself. Luckily, I managed to wrangle a couple friends, Jesse & Tim, into coming along at the last minute. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that this year I've started watching games with the Angel City Brigade, one of the LA Galaxy supporter groups. I had bought a pair of tickets for the game, but now needed one more. I showed up to the Brigade tailgate before the game and picked up my tickets, mentioning that I needed one more if she knew anyone looking to sell one. I walked over to the person she pointed out and asked if she had an extra she wanted to sell, she said sure, pulled it out and said, "you can have it." Huh? I offered to pay or buy her a beer or something. She said no. The guy next to her said "hey, once you're in the Brigade, you're family." Later after Jesse & Tim got there and were hanging out at the tailgate, a few different ACB'ers came by to introduce themselves and find out about us. As someone who has never been good at meeting new people, it was a gesture I really appreciated. The game was a little more fun than the home opener in the rainstorm a couple weeks ago. Plus we won. The ACB experience may have been a little more than Jesse & Tim expected, but I think they had a good time overall. As for me, I may have just found another new home.

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