April 10, 2011

half empty

Saturday was the 2011 LA Beerfest, an event I only discovered last year and had a blast attending. Perhaps it was just because it wasn't the unexpected fun of that first year or the heightened expectations from having so much fun then, but I have to admit that this years edition did not live up to 2010. It seems that they (might have?) sold a lot more tickets this year, as everyone seemed to agree that it was much more crowded than before; but more importantly, many of the vendors ran out of beer about an hour and a half into it. It became pretty frustrating to be at a beerfest going to tables of vendors and not being able to get a beer. I guess if anything, it lowers my expectations for the next one, so maybe it'll end up being more fun because of that! I ended up barhopping with my friend Andrew afterward, which turned into a fun experience of its own (and I was able to get a beer! not to mention my first Pho...) So all in all, not much to complain about.

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