April 27, 2011

game on

So I'm a day behind... sorry. write me for a refund. ok, back to the story... As great as a grilled cheese festival may be, for me the main event of the day Saturday was the return of the LA Galaxy for another home game with the Angel City Brigade. My pal Pat joined me for it and we went straight from the Grilled Cheese Fest to the stadium to get to the Angel City Brigade tailgate good and early. We met a few more ACB'ers (Brigadiers?!) and enjoyed how openly the ACB welcomed members of the Portland supporters group, Timbers Army. I guess because of the recent events at Dodger Stadium, that brought out the security guards who stood by and watched, looking a little confused and seemingly unaware that they were invited and welcome guests. Finally we all took our places in the end zone. I wasn't sure how Pat would take to the ACB antics, but he joined right in and played the good sport (and truth be told, I think he enjoyed it.) Best of all, the team really found their footing and played brilliantly to a 3-0 win. And the ACB was on fire. Watching the replay later I was really amazed at how loud we were. I'm quickly learning that the worst thing about being part of the ACB is having to wait for the next home game.

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