April 7, 2011

fields of time

About three years ago, I wrote about LA's Wrigley Field, the precursor to Dodger Stadium. Today I ran across a post by Nathan Masters with some great photos and a well written history of baseball stadiums in LA, including Wrigley Field, but also Washington Park (near Washington & Main,) Gilmore Field (near where the Grove mall is today,) and also one I didn't know before: that the Chicago Cubs used to have their Spring Training on Santa Catalina Island. Its worth a look (first link below,) even if just for the photos, but its also a good read. With Dodger Stadium being the third oldest major league ballpark in the country, it makes it even more interesting to know about baseball in LA before the Dodgers.
  • KCET: A History of LA's Baseball Stadiums
  • observed. March 28, 2008: history

    langolier said...

    Some of us have never forgiven the Dodgers for leaving Brooklyn!

    Unknown said...

    I can understand that.