March 29, 2011

happy place

Sunday in the aftermath of being excited about my alma mater VCU's unexpected win into the Final Four, I was suddenly in a mood to celebrate. In the tweets about the excitement, I ended up with a volunteer from my friend Andrew to drive in nearly from the Valley to come hang at my favorite place around: Simmzy's. It's is a small comfortable but well-designed joint that changed the scene in Manhattan Beach. It was one of the first gastropubs in the area and has never lost popularity. Simmzy's has 24 taps of rotating good microbrews and imported beers (sorry, no Miller Lite, Stella or Blue Moon here) and a small menu of twists on comfortable foods that always surpass the flavor expectation. The consistency of their dishes always being great is one of the things that I love best about them. As many times as I have been, its rare for anyone to ever be disappointed. That's no small feat. I shouldn't rave too much, because it will just increase the wait time for a table if even more people start going, but I'm glad to have a place like this within biking distance.

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