March 13, 2011

growing up tiny

Imagine being 7 years old, but less than half the size of most kids your age. Everything around you can feel like a maze of obstacles, yet at the same time, you're also surrounded by supportive and loving family, friends, teachers and even doctors. The conflicting feeling of being surrounded by so much is the basis of the open and look for "Growing Up Tiny: Kenadie's Next Chapter" created by jonberrydesign for TLC and Authentic Entertainment. The typographic elements represent the endless and somewhat invisible maze of obstacles that ordinary every-day things present for Kenadie, a seven year old girl with a rare condition known as Primordial Dwarfism; while the organic light orbs symbolize the emotions and support that surround her from all directions in her life. These converge with a warm palette of colors and light effects derived from the fall foliage and sunlight of her hometown to complete the graphics package for the show. Check out the complete open and graphics package at or at this link:
  • jonberrydesign: Growing Up Tiny: Kenadie's Next Chapter
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