February 6, 2011

visiting hours

My pal Matt is already back in Manitoba, where its something like 60 degrees colder than here, but his last day here we pretty just hung out close to the beach. For lunch (or burnch? I prefer breakunch), we dropped into Pann's, a diner I've written about before. Despite driving by it a million times before, I never went in before a year ago or so, and every time I go I love it more and more. Along with being a great piece of Googie architecture that hasn't been ruined my modifications or "improvements," the food is great (chicken and waffles anyone?) and everyone one the staff seems strangely happy. Its either a good act, or they really like working there. After running some errands, Matt wanted some beach time, and I met him down there in time to catch the sunset. Its been cooler the last week, so he wasn't here for our unusual "summer," but it was still mild and certainly warmer for him! One of the best thing about living at the beach is getting to share it with friends who come visit.

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