February 9, 2011

truncate your junk

It's the season for Yellow Pages being dumped on your front porch and all over your street, and if you're like me, it means about 6 different companies all dumping their versions. I know some of you live in locales that have banned Yellow Pages. They tried to bring a bill to do that last year in CA, but the GOP killed it in committee. I did find the site below where you can register to opt out of some yellow pages - it takes a few steps, but its doable, though I'm not sure if it covers them all. Lately I've also been tossing lots of stacked up junk mail - which led me to search for a way to opt out of at least some of that. I found another website that supposedly allows you to opt out of credit card offers, catalogs, and magazine offers. You also have to register and do each individually, and they disguise it as choosing which you want to receive, but with a few steps, you can opt out of those as well. (Note that if you've done business with a company, they are still allowed to mail you and this won't opt you out of mail from them.) Still, its something. I just registered myself, so it'll be a while before I know if it works. It's at least worth a try...
  • YellowPagesOptOut.com
  • dmachoice.org: Direct Mail Opt-Out
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