February 23, 2011

fresh apples?

Anyone that's a fan of Apple products is familiar with the yellow post-it that occasionally appears on the Apple Store website and what it means: usually that the store is being re-tooled because of a new product or product update. There's nothing worse than debating a purchase and then finally shelling out a bunch of bucks for something, only to find out that a newer version has been released a couple weeks later. The post-it appearing tonight made me realize there may be some out there who don't know about a site I have come to rely upon when thinking about buying an Apple product: the MacRumors.com Buyers Guide: When to Buy page. It lists all Apple products, their past version's release dates, and links to rumors about the next release. From those, they recommend whether to buy or whether to wait. Its just educated speculation, so take it for what its worth, but its at least a resource to check before buying blindly. And if you do end up buying something right before a new version is released, it's always worth checking to see if they will exchange your recent purchase for the model that was just released. Don't take my word on this, but I believe Apple is usually pretty friendly about making an exchange if its within two weeks (there may be a fee); and beyond that it could still be possible at the discretion of the store you purchased it from. Again, I could be wrong on that, but its always worth checking. Either way, its always good to know before you buy.
  • MacRumors.com Buyers Guide: When to Buy
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