February 15, 2011

flashback: life changer

One of the worst things about trying to maintain a blog is the need to constantly feed it. Usually I try to fill space with galleries and random photos when I have nothing to share (or no time to share it.) Lately I haven't even been able to come up with those! So here's another tactic: a flashback to where I was this week five years ago. Luckily for you, it happens to be interesting: I was working my first Olympics in Torino, Italy. Not only did it introduce me to a great crew of folks that I've been lucky to work with every two years since, but it also introduced me to Europe, because it was the first time I had ever been. The travel I took while over there after the Olympics ended opened up new worlds in every way you can imagine, and I haven't stopped going back any chance I get. Here are a few of the pics that were on the blog during this week five years ago - most of the posts were just whatever I had worked on that day (so Mom & Dad could watch for it on the broadcast,) but there are a couple posts of other stuff too. You can check out the full posts in this link:
  • the jonberrydesign blog: February 12-19, 2006
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