February 14, 2011


This weekend a mini gourmet food truck festival popped up in Redondo Beach near the pier. After reading about it, I got a couple pals to join in and make a day of it on Sunday. My pal Jon biked down from Santa Monica (a little farther than he realized!) and my pal Pat met us from Redondo. Since the fest was close to Naja's Place, one of my favorite bars and a favorite stop for beach biking, the idea was that we could make it a back and forth of a few visits to the trucks and the bar. After a foggy morning, the day broke open and was perfect, and I loved how on one of trips, the lot had turned into a bike lot. Throughout the day, we sampled fare from The Shrimp Pimp Truck, The Greasy Wiener, and Coolhaus, but the star was a grilled cheese that No Reservations had on special with a sharp cheddar, pulled pork, apples, and a currant cayenne aioli on top. It was out of control. Though after the sun went down, it made our last stop at the trucks a little chilly. Deciding I wasn't done with the night, I made one more stop at Simmzy's, another favorite place closer to home in Manhattan Beach. It made for the perfect cap on the evening, though I hadn't expected to get accosted by a cougar (really - I still have marks on my bicep!) It kinda serves me right after laughing at the scene before I came into her sights. The truck festival continues the next couple weekends too. Just say the word if you wanna make a run!

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