January 30, 2011


A bit of an odd post here, but I'm sure someone out there can come up with a solution for this: A few days ago @MacMall tweeted this Kensington iPhone car mount as their daily deal. Since it was so cheap, I figured I'd get it and if it didn't work, I hadn't lost much. To my surprise, its a pretty substantial and easy to use holder, with a remarkably strong grip. It just slides into an air conditioner vent, but the problem is that the vents in my truck are vertical and move side to side to point air in a direction. With the phone holder in, it means when I take a turn, the weight of the phone whips the vent to one side or the other. Its strong enough to handle it, but its an annoyance. Short of slapping some ugly piece of tape across it to hold it in place - anyone have an idea to secure the vent in place so its flush with the dashboard and doesn't turn to one side or the other?

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