January 8, 2011


Yeah okay, so I didn't follow up on that promise for more Philly pics and details in the last post...ahem, a few days ago. Someday I'll learn not to make promises like that on here, cause it seems like I always mess em up! I ended up being right back in the swing of things as soon as I got back to Cali and a lot busier than expected (I didn;t even make it to the grocery store until today). As usual when that happens, the blog takes a back seat. Things have leveled off now, so maybe tomorrow (is that still a promise?) I'll post the rest of the Philly stuff. Sorry for the break, but I figured after being pretty diligent about posting through Christmas and New Years, the break would be forgiven. Thanks for coming along regardless...

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Anonymous said...

How dare you go to work and buy groceries before blogging :-)

Glad you made it home safely and we'll be waiting for the Philly pics!!!