January 13, 2011

truck stop

Back to LA means back to my beloved gourmet food trucks! At the Tuesday LAX lot, I couldn't resist my old standby @Vizzitruck, easily one of my favorites of all the trucks out there. But Wednesday, a truck was nearby that I've been anxious to try ever since I first heard of them. If you were reading the blog last summer, you may have caught my trip to Provincetown, where I finally had my first Lobster Roll(s!) They are definitely a dish that's indigenous to New England and not easy to find out here, so to hear that there was a new @LobstaTruck serving them in LA was a thrill. I ran over during a quick lunch break on Wednesday and grabbed a roll - they serve the traditional mayonnaise style as well as a butter style, but they also serve the both made with crab, too (as well as chowder and other things.) I went for a traditional mayo for the lobster and a butter version for the crab. The lobster was every bit is good as some of the ones I had in Massachusetts, no new twist on them and definitely smaller, but perfectly up to par. The crab was a thinly shredded crabmeat that wasn't as special, but not bad. I'll definitely chase them down again, but I'll stick with the lobster. Also out that day was another fun new truck - Phydough. Its the first (that I know of) gourmet food truck for Dogs. Needless to say, I didn't sample anything, but its a fun new addition to the LA truckasphere. Where else but LA, right? It's good to be back.

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