January 1, 2011


Philly hosts two fireworks shows on New Years Eve - an early evening one that we heard a newscaster call "the non-alcoholic fireworks" (um, really?) and then the show at Midnight of course. I gotta say I was pretty impressed with the show - especially with the synchronization to music, which was a really wide selection and surprisingly up to date. It may be one of the best I've seen, on par with Disney shows. Of course, these are just appetizers for the main event, which is today, so I'm outta here so we can get out to that... Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Can I tell you something? I see alot of photos taken by some very talented people..Yours are frigging amazing.. Your eye is a gift..Thank you for always giving my eyes a visual treat..

Hapy New Years Day!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lynne! I actually usually shoot blind (which is why the pics are mostly crooked), I just randomly point the camera in all directions as I walk or am somewhere (though with fireworks or a specific event I'm obviously aiming at action) - but the idea being to capture the sense of where I am and the flavor all around - not just the main event. Of course I shoot tons that never show anything interesting even when cropped too... Regardless, glad you like!