January 17, 2011

curtain call

File this one in the 'just not thinking' file. I guess I have to admit that I never think of Orange County. period. (sorry OC peeps) So the idea of architecture being in Orange County never occurred to me. Actually I always knew that Philip Johnson designed the Crystal Cathedral, but for some reason it was never on my radar, even though he also designed a cathedral for my old church (the Cathedral of Hope) in Dallas. I don't really have much excuse for not realizing that Robert Schuller's original drive-in church that started the whole empire, designed by Richard Neutra, still exists on the complex. And I never even knew that Richard Meier had designed a third building as part of the complex in 2003. The Dallas Center for Architecture posted an article today on Twitter from The Architect's Newspaper about the possibility of these buildings being auctioned off. I guess a trip across the orange curtain is in order.
  • The Architect's Newspaper: Mega-Church Meltdown
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