January 23, 2011


After gettin' fully bit by the football/soccer bug during last years World Cup and then going to a match in Munich, I finally made it to an LA Galaxy game at the end of the season. It was such a blast that I've been anxious for the season to roll around again in March. A match between the US Mens National Team and Chile last night was just the stopgap I needed to help me make it til then. The atmosphere was not as electric, but the Chile fans passion and unity down to their legendary chant was fun to see. I was also impressed to see that the US team has two well-organized supporters groups (Sams Army and The American Outlaws) putting on an great display in large numbers, especially considering that there is no home stadium or season full of games in one place like for most soccer clubs supporters groups. (Supporters clubs are a bit of a soccer tradition everywhere, with organized songs and chants and displays that seem to go go non-stop throughout the game. At all the games I've been to, they tend to be behind one of the goal areas.) I'm definitely hoping to investigate the clubs for the Galaxy games this year. Who knows, maybe I'll even work my way into one. If you wanna join in, let me know! Two more months til the season starts...

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