January 10, 2011

brotherly lovable

Okay, finally my Philly wrapup. Myron and I rented an awesome apartment above an all-female tattoo studio conveniently next to one of the main Cheesesteak places in town (and right by the end shot in the Always Sunny open). Arriving to that setup alone let us know from the beginning it was going to be no ordinary trip, so we were in for a good time. I really do think it has a lot to do with not having time to pre-plan or set up expectations that it was such a fun time. While I think we expected Philly's tougher urban edge, we didn't expect the depths of the Colonial neighborhoods. One of my favorite things was how many streets were narrower than alleys, while plenty of alleys were wider than streets. Alleys and streets were interchangeable when it comes to business-fronts and pedestrians too. Beyond anything, the Mummers Parade was far more elaborate and fun than I expected. And that's said having missed half of it (it runs like 10 hours - plus the Fancy Brigade division of the parade that has been moved indoors; scroll up if you missed my posts on the parade on the 2nd.) The cold was tough at times, especially one night when after wandering to a few watering holes, we had to hit Pat's in South Philly for Cheesesteaks. Maybe we crossed an Arctic line on the way there or a front came through, but it was hilariously unbearable trying to down that food before it turned to ice. Needless to say, I'm anxious to return to Philly someday, but hopefully when its warm.

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