December 22, 2010

fire and sky

Monday night after our evening at the mineral baths and bowling, Curt was headin to bed while I stayed up to work. I yelled up about a tweet I happened to see about the Solstice complete lunar eclipse happening in about an hour and before I knew it, down comes Curt all bundled up and excited like a kid on Christmas morning. Apparently he's a fan of things like that (who knew?!), so despite the late hour, he was already off in the woods finding firewood to make a bonfire in the fire pit behind our cabin. Next thing I knew, I looked out the back and he had a giant bonfire goin. I popped out a few times to make sure he was fine, and by the time I had a few animations ready to set off and go join him, the eclipse was underway. It was a brilliant night for it. Clouds were blowing through and framing the view more than obscuring it, with crystal clear skies in between. As the moon became more of a wedge, we started noticing more and more shooting stars as well, not to mention how full the sky was of other stars. The crisp clear view of the eclipse was really one of the best I've ever seen, but add in the meteors and the bonfire, and it really doesn't get much better. I made attempts to catch photos of it, but with my crappy little digital cam magnified on a 10x zoom and me shaking in low light, they weren't much to show. Trust me, what we saw with our eyes was so much more clear and amazing, but if you missed it, at least this is somethin. For me it was a spontaneous night that I won't soon forget.


Anonymous said...

Well at least you caught it.. I knew about it the next day..The bonfire looks like it was amazing..Good guy he is, right?

Have a happy holidays and enjoy your trip!!!

Unknown said...

yes he definitely is. Happy Hols to you too!