December 19, 2010

change of scenery

Still as busy, just in a different spot. I'm in West Virginia for a couple days before heading to my folks in Virginia. (and in full disclosure, I'm also cheating and backdating this post for yesterday.) I've met up with my friend Curt from Pittsburgh in what was supposed to be a couple days of pre-holiday decompress and catch up, since we haven't seen each other in a few years (this was our sorta midway point - though its really farther for him.) Of course, like most best intentions, its not quite so much decompress since I'm still just as busy with work and stuff that I've been the last couple weeks. Regardless, the change of scenery forces a certain level of decompress, and the cabin we rented is awesome (not roughing it at all, I have to admit) - appropriately named Retrievers Retreat. So, it still works. And it feels good to get away. More later, but figured I should at least get something posted...

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