November 4, 2010


My trip back from Dallas included a flight from Denver to LA on a 757 that was strangely, even creepily, empty. Of course, it meant most of us had entire rows to ourselves. I guess that explains why airlines are using commuter jets for most of the flights I've been on lately - which I've come to like: since they don't allow carryons, the boarding and de-planing is fast and easy like the days before bag fees. We had a day of pretty perfect weather that led to some great views all the way - from the Rockies, to the Grand Canyon, to the freeways and the Pacific (thats the ocean above the wing in the next to last pic.) Between episodes of Friday Night Lights on my phone, I snapped a few pics to share. Enjoy the view.


Mark Baker said...

Reminds me of when my (then future) wife and I flew from Seattle to Kansas City for a wedding. She (a) grew up in the city and (b) had flown cross-country maybe once before. Also, we'd been together long enough that she'd learned I'm capable of just making stuff up if I don't have the real answer to a question. So she did not believe me when I told her those big circles on the ground are the result of how fields are irrigated. (She was also rightfully dubious regarding my assertion that the guy on the Alaska plane tails is Charles Manson.)

Steve Smith said...

I have an assignment for you. I love the Dutch to all your photos! So... your assignment if you should choose to accept... is to shoot a series without the dutch, or level, and let the lines, angles & content replace the dutch to the point where you are satisfied enough to put the dutch down for one series. Make sense? Go. ;-)